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May 15, 2017

Welcome to the inargural SPILL - A lunch conversation with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens with K Bradford, Amber Katherine and Sarah Fylak


Amber Katherine, a Santa Monica philosophy professor, was placed on the Professor Watch List after organizing an educational event called the Ecosextravaganza, whose headline guests were Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.  In this conversation, we talk about the role of journalism in public discourse, particularly in how it relates to art, education and activism. Program music: Sarah Fylak  Host: Kim Russo
























Annie Sprinkle (top left) was a NYC prostitute and porn star for twenty years, then morphed into an artist and sexologist. She has passionately explored sexuality for over forty years, sharing her experiences through making her own unique brand of feminist sex films, writing books and articles, visual art making, creating theater performances, and teaching. Annie has consistently championed sex worker rights and health care and was one of the pivotal players of the Sex Positive Movement of the 1980's. She got her BFA at School of Visual Arts in NYC was the first porn star to earn a Ph.D.. She’s a popular lecturer whose work is studied in many colleges and Universities. For the past 12 years she has been collaborating on art projects with her partner, an artist and UCSC professor, Elizabeth Stephens. They are movers and shakers in the new “ecosex movement,” committed to making environmentalism more sexy, fun and diverse. In 2013, Sprinkle proudly received the Artist/Activist/Scholar Award from Performance Studies International at Stanford, and was awarded the Acker Award for Excellence in the Avant Garde. 


Beth Stephens (top right) s an interdisciplinary artist, activist and a professor at UC Santa Cruz. Her visual and performance work has explored themes of the body, queerness, and feminism for over 25 years. She has exhibited and performed in many museums, galleries and theaters across the US and Europe, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Vortex in Austin, PS1 in New York City, the Museo Reina Sophia in Madrid, Spain and the Muesum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf, Germany.SexEcology is the current focus of Stephens’ research. Stephens and Sprinkle coined the term and have been developing this new field of research over the course of their twelve-year collaboration. They shift the metaphor of Earth as mother, to Earth as lover, to inspire others to engage in a more mutual relationship with nature and with each other. By injecting sensual pleasure, humor, and absurdity into otherwise seemingly impossibly situations, Stephens and Sprinkle engage the unexpected to encourage us to slow down the alarming speed of our lives. By extension Stephens hopes that this “slowing down” will increase awareness around the current rate of ecological devastation and enable humans to engage the complexity of changing habits in order to create a more viable means of human and non-human survival in the future.


Amber Katherine (bottom right) is a Professor of Philosophy at Santa Monica College.  She is the editor of Greening Philosophy: A Fresh Introduction to the Field.


K Bradford (top center) is a poet, performer and cultural worker whose work has appeared in Trop, Gulf Coast, Web Del Sol’s In Posse Review, Chroma, Columbia Poetry Review, and Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. After teaching at Columbia College Chicago for nearly a decade, K. received an MFA in Writing and Art + Technology from CalArts.


Sarah Fylak (bottom center) is a musician, composer and sound engineer.  She received her MFA in Music from CalArts in 2017.


Annie and Beth joined us for lunch on a Sunday, just two days after being in a car accident that totaled their camper.  Their dog Butch, scared, jumped out of the torn camper roof and ran off into the farmland south of the 5 freeway. Several days later, a woman on a field trip with her students spotted Annie and Beth's dog Butch and posted the sighting on Facebook. On the way back from the field trip she asked all the kids to look for Butch. Three people saw the post and went out to the farm site. Along with two farmers from Opal Fry and Son Farming (they grow oranges) and Annie and Beth, they rounded up Butch. A few farm workers had been feeding him cat food during his four day adventure wandering the farmland just south of Bakersfield. 










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